1, 2, 3, Knockout!

In all my years of living in Oregon, I have never seen weather like this. Yes, we get snow in the valley. No, it’s never been this bad. I remember as a kid we’d get a snow day here and there. Maybe once every two or three years. Never anything more than an inch or so, wake up the next day and it’s already gone. I don’t ever really recall ever dealing with freezing rain either. I know it was forecasted once, but didn’t happen. So this winter has been a crazy one! CRAZY! My little sister has had 7 snow days total this winter so far. 5 in round one, 2 in round two/three. I never had more than 1!

ROUND ONE: Round one came about in December. About a week before Christmas break. We knew we were getting snow, but we figured it would be like the usual. An inch of snow, melted the next morning. We were wrong. We ended up with a total of about 6 inches of snow and temps dipping into the negatives. I have never seen the temps hit in the negatives out here before. I’m talking real -10 degree weather. Not a realfeel of -10, actual -10. For Springfield that’s not normal. The snow was on the ground for a little over a week.

-10 snow one Tired poodle

Some pictures from the first round of winter. I can’t find the one of the ruler in the snow 😦 But for real -10, taking miss Abby in the snow (she’s a Florida dog, so she doesn’t much like the colder weather), as you can see in the third picture all that cold wore her out. She’s just too cute!

ROUND TWO: Round two of winter weather came last Wednesday night. We knew there would be snow. Just not that there would be so much. Up to 14 inches in some place, only about 6 inches over here again. Blizzard conditions caused quite a few accidents on major highways. The snow finally stopped about mid-day Friday. I didn’t get any pictures of just the snow this time around. It was a lot less exciting.

ROUND THREE: Round three is a new one for me. Like I stated above, I’ve never really seen or dealt with freezing rain here in this part of Oregon. The freezing rain started about mid-day Friday and stopped about mid-day today. I know it’s super dangerous, but I can’t help being mesmerized by it. Everything is encased in ice. When the sun hits it, everything just glitters. It really is a winter wonderland outside with the snow and ice. I will say I do feel bad for my neighbors. I’ve heard nothing but branches snapping and falling all day. We also lost a few small shrubberies and bushes and an apple tree in the back yard.


Everything looks so pretty! I thought this was just the coolest.


One of the many small trees and shrubs that just couldn’t handle it.


Our poor apple tree! Ripped out at the roots.


All the pretty icicles on the back patio.

Hopefully all the winter weather is done for this year. I’m not sure the trees that made the cut could survive a round four!


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