The Unexpected Disappointment (The Hobbit, contains spoilers)

I broke my John Green streak to read The Hobbit. A discussion with a friend piqued my interest, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve never seen any of the movies (Hobbit, or LOTR.) I know, 23 years old and I’ve managed to avoid that trend. Don’t get me wrong. I love adventure and dragons. I’ve read The Inheritance Cycle at least 5 times. It never gets old. LOTR just seemed so…looooooong. When I found out The Hobbit was only like 330 pages I figured why not. I can have that done in about four hours. I am aware that they have turned the movies into a trilogy. (An amazing feat if you ask me….)

The first part is the journey, which is so long and drawn out. Not on important parts either. I love that this book is so amazingly detailed, but when it’s on fairly insignificant things, I get frustrated. The really climactic parts didn’t last very long and weren’t very detailed.

The second part is Smaug, of course. The previews I’ve seen for DoS make this seem a lot better than it actually played out in the book. It was really very anti-climactic. His interactions with the dragon. I believe it’s a grand total of two times he talks to Smaug. Then Smaug throws a tantrum and disappears for a few days. Where we find out that he was shot and killed with an arrow. Yea. Smaug the mighty, slain by AN ARROW! Not ten, not one hundred. JUST ONE. It wasn’t even on fire and it somehow miraculously found it’s way to his one exposed area. Which unlike every other dragon isn’t his entire underside. His underside is special and covered in the same scales as his body. Except for one spot. Where he’s missing a scale. JUST ONE. And ONE ARROW happens to find it perfectly. Timing really is everything I guess. But it’s not even that. One arrow wouldn’t pierce him deep enough to kill him. This part just really was the most disappointing. Really. I could have cried it was that bad.

The third part is the Battle of the Five Armies. Which gives us a bit of action, but not for very long. We get some pretty basic skim overs of the battle. Not really a whole lot of detail and then Bilbo is struck on the helm by a rock and passes out. He wakes up, we get a brief fill-in on the battle, and he goes home. Which is a lot less eventful than the journey there.

It’s safe to say that I don’t understand the fad behind this book at all. Not to mention the ring issue. Not sure how that happened. When Bilbo found it, it was just a ring that made you invisible. Suddenly in LOTR it’s all powerful and must be destroyed. JB told me that that’s because they didn’t know it was so powerful, Bilbo didn’t possess the magic required to use it that way? Which doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. It seems like a plot twist that was added later, otherwise they should have mentioned something about this ring being a bit more special than just powers of invisibility in The Hobbit.


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