Not Another Wedding…

Jennifer Close’s Girls in White Dresses is definitely not something I would have seen and been like “I REALLY NEED to read this book!” But honestly I do think I REALLY NEEDED to read this book. Even though I think it was intended for women pre-marriage and well, I’m already post-marriage, post-divorce… this book still really spoke to me on a level that makes me feel so much better about where I am in life and where I’m heading.

I’m still young. I’m 23. And while no one plans to be married and divorced by this age, it’s something that unfortunately happens. No matter how much you try to plan your life. This book explores bad relationships, good relationships, unexpected relationships, all the joyous feelings that come with all that. The nervousness, the un-sureness, the butterflies, the excitement, the newness of it all. It explores being single while seemingly everyone around you is getting married and having children. It kind of even explores life after marriage and having children. Big decisions, small decisions, silly decisions, bad decisions. Basically life.

If you ever feel left out or like your life is headed nowhere and there really is no one out there for you, or like everyone is moving forward and you’re stuck in the same old crappy place as always… this is definitely the book for you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel so much better about not having everything all figured out.


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