A Collection of Dark Undertones and Hidden Meanings

When I first got my library card, I made a list of books I wanted to get. It wasn’t nearly as large as the one I have on here now… there were probably 20 books. I hopped on the library website and made sure the five I wanted on my first round were in. Turns out they apparently were. We got to the library to find out they weren’t. So I modified my list. Pushing the ones that weren’t there, to the next trip. Fast forward 5 trips…. finally one of the original five I wanted was in. Aimee Bender’s The Color Master: Stories. I cannot even express how excited I was to finally get my hands on this book. I literally stopped the book I had just started, just to read this book.

I was not disappointed! The book starts with a darker story. Which in all honesty sets the tone for the rest of the stories. Its about a group that sits in an apple orchard and eats nothing but apples. A lady walks among them, but she doesn’t eat the apples. They describe her has having soft wheat hair, very bread-like, and before long they converge upon her in a manner that many have compared to sexual assault. For me this story is more of a wanting what you can’t have and then getting it… but its not quite what you expected kind of thing. That and the appleless girl sounds a bit like Fall to me. When she’s around all the apples are falling into their laps, they eat from her, then she leaves and Winter sets in…

There is also a story about a young boy who can’t read faces, a lady who stitched tigers back up after they split their backs and their stripes start sagging. The title story is an interesting one. The Color Master. For me it kind of made me realize that we should pay more attention to the finer details of the things around us. A singular color is nothing without other colors next to it. That line alone means a million things. It was also about self confidence for me. Having faith in yourself. Knowing that you can reach your goals. To put emotion into everything you do. There are so many meanings in this story alone, that I, personally, found.

Of course no reader reads the same story, so I guess you’ll just have to grab a copy and see what you can find 🙂


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