Would You Time Travel if You Could?

Even if you couldn’t change things, they had to happen exactly was they did? Even if you couldn’t choose where to go or when to go?

I saw The Time Traveler’s Wife (Book by Audrey Niffenegger) when I was younger. Since then the book has been on my list. I finally grabbed it on my last trip to the library and I was in love. I’ve read so many bad reviews for this book. I do not understand it. I mean we all like different things and thats okay…. but I planned to just START the book. Maybe read the first chapter and then go to bed so I could stay on schedule for getting my little sister to school. Yea. One chapter turned into five am. I could NOT stop reading! I even dreamt about it that night. It was heavy on my mind. It still is and I finished it like five days ago. This is one book I want to curl up in and live inside forever.

I feel a lot of connections to Clare, for starters. She spends her life waiting. I spent much of my life with my ex-husband waiting. Waiting for him to finish Basic so I could have more than just letters. Waiting for a year so I could see him again. Waiting another six months for him to be finished with Tech. Waiting for him to give me the news he was being deployed (thankfully that news never came in my time with him), waiting for him to tell me the truth, waiting for him to love me as much as I love him, waiting, waiting, waiting. Now my waiting was different than her waiting. Her husband leaves without wanting to leave. Mine left because he wanted to fuck around. His words. Either way.

I also feel a connection to her on the baby front. Even though she’s able to carry, there are just a few time traveling issues… She does still have difficulty and I appreciate reading about women who struggle because more often than not, its always assumed that women will have no issues at all. As someone who struggles with infertility (thought I’ve suffered no miscarriages) I do still feel connected to the struggle she faced. Emotionally.

In the end I felt like these were real people. Like I had made new friends and then I lost them once the book was over. I’ve tried to start a new book and my thoughts keep going back to this one. I am truly book hungover. There were of course parts I didn’t like so much, but overall it was easy to follow (even with all the time travel) and it was easy to be immersed in. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up buying this book just so I can read it over and over again.


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