I Have GOT To Stop Believing In Happy Endings…

I decided to read and finish Me Before You by Jojo Moyes before going to the library the other day. Big mistake. I should have just walked away from this one. I thought I knew the end before I got to it. I was thinking to myself “man, this is so damn predictable.” I WAS WRONG! So very, very, very wrong. Holy snaps I couldn’t have been more wrong. I equate the heartbreak to that of The Fault in Our Stars. Its a very similar kind of sadness. I almost threw the book out of frustration. I had to get up and pace around my room to calm myself down. I was so upset. This is a great book for seeing two sides to a very difficult situation. It will definitely make you think twice and appreciate the things that you have. I can’t even praise this book enough even though it pissed me off (isn’t that was good writing is supposed to do?)


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