It Has Begun

The other day my little sister and I were watching Insidious 2, which lead to her asking if I had seen the first. I told her I had, that my ex-husband and I chose to show it when we hosted the Halloween movie night at the library. We showed Insidious and…. and….what was that other movie we chose?

I can tell you what both of us were wearing the first time we met. I can tell you we sat on a bench in front of Motherhood Maternity (unknowing of our future) before we noticed and decided to move to Ashley’s Furniture store (which is now a Cabela’s). I can tell you every single date I needed to remember, and I can recall them in full detail. But other memories are starting to fade. I have pieces, but holes are starting to form. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Maybe its part of moving on? Maybe forgetting is necessary. Certain memories will always stay, but do I really need to know what that second movie was?


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