Summer Concerns

I’ve been taking on a lot lately. Between keeping up with the housework, menu planning, shopping, cooking, taking care of the kiddo (who stayed home a lot last week), working from home, and making time for my relationships. Not just my romantic one, but my family as well. It is getting to be quite a lot to juggle and manage. This past month has been really hectic. With family coming in next month, things are about to get ever more crazy. Not to mention that I will have the kiddo ALL day, every day. So now I have to work in ways to keep her entertained, while knowing that dates with my love are out of the question during days. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to fit it all in… but I do have a new planning system I’m going to try out. I have a planner that has a month on two pages. No weekly, no daily. So I found some inspiration on Pinterest and drew up my own daily pages. I’m going to give them a try. I would do meal planning pages… but I already have a wonky method for that. I write down what I want for the week. I figure out what I have and what I need to buy. I create the shopping list. I divide it into two lists (one for mom, one for me). We get what we need. Put it all away. Then I list out what I want for each night and on separate sheets I write down all the recipes for that night in particular. Put them in a binder in order. There you go. A weekly meal plan/recipe book. So I’m slowly learning ways to make things work as I go. I’ve already learned that it is okay if not everything gets done in a day. Somethings can wait.


My biggest summer goals are:

– To make more than $50 a month

-To find time for dates with my Love

-Keep the kiddo entertained, active, and involved

-Find a way to accomplish everything I need to

-Find time to relax/read (I’ve been slacking!)

-Find a way to feed up to 14 people for a week on little money


Some fun challenges ahead. I’ll have to keep you all posted as I go 😀 Be prepared for anything. I have no idea how this will all come together. Should be fun, and frustrating… haha.


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