I’ve Been Noticing…

With the weather steadily getting warmer and drier, more and more people are out and about walking around and spending time outside. Families, couples, kids, adults. Everyone. But that isn’t what I’ve noticed. I mean that’s just normal for this time of year. What I’ve noticed is an increase in parents yelling at their children loud enough that the whole block can hear them. I don’t mean like 12 year old kids either. I’m talking like 3-7 year old kids. Just tiny little things. I can’t believe that they do this. It isn’t even for the usual things. You know like you turn away for a second to check on kid number two and kid number one wanders off into the street so you yell because you’re scared. NO this is more like yelling at a 3 year old to walk faster. I’m dead serious. We live on a walk heavy street, not so much traffic heavy. About 80 people, if not more, walk by daily. There is almost always at least 6 moms walking with kids, yelling because they aren’t walking fast enough. What the hell?


Don’t publicly humiliate and shame your child for not walking fast enough at three years old. If you’re going to yell at them in public, without cause, make it something positive, constructive, and loving. Good lord. I will say I’ve seen a rise in yelling just in general. It seems like now days you can’t go anywhere without someone yelling a conversation at another person. We have these people who live across the street, I’d say over 100 feet away, and every single day I can hear them out there talking. Why do you have to talk so damn loud? Is your conversation so important that the rest of the neighborhood needs to hear it. No, you’re right, God Jenny is such a whore and yes her shoes were totally hideous last night. Now can you please demonstrate that you know what an inside voice is?


I’m just sick of all the yelling, everywhere I go. Now is probably a good time to point out the fact that I legitimately have Misophonia. Higher pitched sounds, shrill sounds, constant repetitive sounds, any sounds made with your mouth, lower volumes… all things that bother me. There are plenty more, but it’s a huge list. Anyways. Goodness. There is NO need to yell so much!


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