Swim by Jennifer Weiner (Ebook)

* I downloaded this book free from Amazon. Here is the link (check that it’s still free before downloading!): http://www.amazon.com/Swim-eShort-Story-Jennifer-Weiner-ebook/dp/B0078XG13W


The information on this book is a little bit misleading. They tell you that it’s the short story that inspired Jennifer’s next book, The Next Best Thing. What they don’t tell you is that it’s more like a very short prequel that abruptly ends and then jumps into another story. Had I know that, I probably wouldn’t have downloaded it. Free or not. Either way.

Ruth’s parents were in a fatal car accident when she was a child. She walked away with an unfortunate scar on her face. Her grandmother took her in and raised her. As an adult she was a writer for a hit television show. She encountered a few conflicts in the romance department. Now she’s helping students write up their collage applications.

Sounds pretty basic. The story has good bones. I just have a few issues. One the way the story just…|ENDS| then in starts a new story that seems to have no real basis. I mean it talks a lot about the accident and the surgery, but the story starts off talking about her moving to start a new career and then kind of… dives into the accident. I guess that’s good information to know. It just seems a bit oddly placed to me. The first story, Swim, was decent. If the book had been just that, I would have been fine with it. Ruth seems like a normal, average, everyday girl. Young, a bit naive, not really sure where she’s headed in life. Her grandmother is quite likable as well. A sweet old lady who works as a filler actress. She makes big hearty meals quite often and is generally very grandma like. Other than that the only other character they really dip into is her co-worker. He’s a real skeezeball. Even if his plot line seems extremely rushed and used for a highly dramatic turn of events. More like a ploy to create conflict where there was no real conflict. If that makes sense.


Anyways. If you have an extra half an hour or so, and you have nothing better to do… you should check it out.

*I was not compensated in any way for this review. I downloaded the book for free, and decided to post my thoughts on it.*


2 thoughts on “Swim by Jennifer Weiner (Ebook)

  1. I haven’t ready Swim, but I did read The Next Best Thing, and it definitely wasn’t one of her best books. If you haven’t read “Good in Bed” yet I highly recommend it, it’s my favorite of her books.

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