The City is Alive

I don’t leave the house much. I will be the first to tell you this. It’s a combination of anxiety and circumstance. JB did, however, convince me to get out for a bit the other night. We were just going to drive around, but found ourselves downtown in the city over from ours. We frequent this area, it’s one of our favorites to explore. We did go out quite a bit later than usual. It was about 10-ish. I forget what night. Not that it matters.

First off, I did grow up on a farm. There are so many things I miss about farm life. I miss the smell of the powder formula for the calves. I miss the smell of the grains, I miss the smell of alfalfa, I miss homegrown meat (and yes, we did get to watch the butchering process. My grandma felt it was an important life lesson for us to learn. And yes, I do still eat meat.) Some day I will have a farm of my own. I already know this… but for now, I can’t help but feel a certain draw to the city.

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of this city is the 5th street market. I don’t even know how to describe this. Words simply cannot do it justice. It’s a three level shopping/food center, with an attached hotel. There is something very sophisticated about this area. There is an open courtyard in the center, with a fountain. Around this, there are three floors of seats overlooking the fountain. With the shops all around. The hotel has these incredible balconies with the most gorgeous flowers ever. Just… incredible. The “food court” area is so relaxed. There are maybe four or five different kitchens and styles of cuisine in this area, with a large open seating area. It just has such a great vibe. I simply adore this shopping center.


My other favorite thing about this city, there aren’t really any bright city lights. Not like normal anyways. Those harsh, in your face, super modern, I’m important bright lights. This city has super soft lighting. From the street lamps, to the windows, to the fairy lights. It leaves a really soft, almost amber glow to everything. Only lending to the magical feel you get when you walk around! I kid you not. During the day the city is just non-stop. People coming, people going, people just constantly trying to be somewhere. By night, it’s a whole different animal. People seem lighter, happier. Less stressed. They take time moving around. There’s literally laughter and music in the air. We passed by a group of street performers, I’ve never seen anything like it. I am just so in love with this city. I was almost depressed to come home that night. I just wanted to curl up right there in the middle of it and live there forever.


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