Updated Terramo!

I know, I know. I just LOVE talking about my Terramo ❤ I’ve had it for awhile now and I’ve really found what works and what really doesn’t work…. So today I decided to make a few changes. Well actually like last week, I just got around to making the changes this week.

First I took out most of my quotes. I left two in there. You’ll see in the pictures. They take up a lot of ring space. Unfortunately.

Second I took everything out of July. Because the month is over, there’s no need to have anything in there anymore. I do save all my old pages for future reference and just to look back at my life.

Third I added a color code and flag system! I’m most excited about this. I really think this will help A LOT especially with Little Miss starting school again here soon.

Fourth I dropped A few tabs and made new ones. My new dividers are as follows:

  • Plan (same as before). This is for yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning. Yes, I added daily planning. I bought a pack of 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 college ruled paper for this purpose.
  • Refresh (same as before. This is for daily schedules, cleaning schedules, tips and tricks. Breathing exercises (for my anxiety.) Things of that nature.
  • Nurture (same as before) This is still for shopping lists, meal plans, coupons, recipes… but I’m also adding health and fitness tracking. Anything that goes into making my body healthier.
  • School (new section) This isn’t for my studying. This is actually for Little Miss. I’ll be keeping a list of important dates and phone numbers. Event information such as school dances, or fundraisers, or even just a fun school activity (like last year we took her to the book exchange. She won a book in the book walk {like a cake walk}) and I want to keep track of her homework and projects. She’s a bit spacey in that regard, so if I can keep track and on top of it, she should have a successful year this year. 🙂
  • Personal (new section) This is for things like my goals, things I want to work on, lists (such as songs to find, or books to read), and also a gratitude journal or a one line a day journal. Something good about each day. Things of that nature.

Now it’s my favorite time! Picture sharing time!


The front. Same as before. No changes made.


Plan section is the same as before as well.


I did buy and add pretty Avery pockets from Target.


July all nice and empty to keep my planner from becoming cluttered.


August is somewhat filled in for now. The tabs are covering names for birthdays. But!!!! Doctor Who on the 23rd!!!! And the Hawks game with dad on Friday ❤


Again, tabs to cover info I don’t want you seeing. But this was before I figured out my color code. So disregard the colors 😀


My new color code. Blue pen is work related, flag means project deadline. Pink is blog related, flags are to post and post ideas. Green is meal related, flags are main dish and side dish. Purple is personal, flags mean events and to remember. Orange is for Little Miss school related, flags are for no school/half days, conferences and meetings (I go to a lot of meetings), and for school events.



Refresh tab, same as always, but with a pretty blue pocket 🙂




Nurture tab, same as always, but with a pretty orange pocket. Also I haven’t quite filled in all the recipes this week yet and I had to change it up a bit.



School tab for little miss, with a pretty (I swear it is) purple pocket.



Personal tab, I haven’t added anything yet. With a pretty yellow pocket.



I got the bag from a Target beauty bag a few years back. I don’t know if they still send them out, last I heard they stopped. But I keep my scissors, pens, and flags all in here. I’ll add more accessories as I gather them. I also keep a few items that aren’t pictured here. Such as cash, pictures of Little Miss, and important business cards from her school, along with her P.E. locker combination, and my library pin for login.

So there you have it, my updated Terramo. Please feel free to share pictures or stories about your planners! Or even just methods that you use that really work. I love looking at other planners and getting new ideas. You can even link to your blog if you have one. If I use one of your methods or you inspire me to change something, I will fully credit back to you.


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