What Can I Say?

I’m the freaking pinball champ. I have to brag a bit here. My brother downloaded Pinball FX2 and he spent a good deal of time playing it. Right. The next day he texts and asks if I’ve beaten his score yet because he needs proper motivation to boost his scores. I hadn’t even played it at that point. So I hopped on. I quickly took over three out of five games. He reclaimed one, I took it back. I also decimated his score on his favorite game. He’s just under 19 million, I’m just over 35 million. He spent most of today trying to beat me once he got home from work. I think he got to 25 million.

I just have to brag on that because I love video games, but I’m GOD AWFUL TERRIBLE. Honesty, not modesty. I LOVE watching him play though. I wish I could play like that. Not even joking. I can watch him and my dad play games for hours. Pinball is the only game I can ever beat him at (well and Mario Kart 8 :D).

I remember we used to have the old pinball game on this shared laptop when we were like 16. He couldn’t beat my high score so he deleted the entire game 😀

Now we’ve got a friendly competition going. He wants to beat my score and I want to keep taking it higher 😀 We really do push each other to be the best players we can be 🙂 I like that this is our new thing. I think I’m going to go on and try to beat his ghost on MK8 too. Just for giggles.


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