Kindle = Best Worst Idea Ever

I absolutely LOVE reading. I’m not even ashamed to admit this. I am a book person (that’s to say I ALWAYS prefer the book to the movie and typically the only people who think the movie is better are people who 1) aren’t book people or 2) don’t take books as seriously as I do.) In this past year I’ve only had one wish. Okay, not this past year. More like in the last six months or so. At the start of the year I was able to get out and about more. The library was a frequent stop for me. At our library you’re allowed to check out up to ten books at a time. I liked to get about 7 or 8 at a time. Which might seem like a lot but I can easily blow through a book in a day to a day in a half. I devour them. They consume my waking life. I can crawl inside a book on a cold and rainy day and fully trust the fact that it will keep me warm and cozy. Reading awakens a whole range of emotions that I didn’t even know were residing within me. They pull me in and take me to new places, new worlds, new thoughts.


Within the last few months it hasn’t been as easy for me to get away from the house. Meaning less and less trips to the library. So my one wish for the last six months: KINDLE FIRE. This wish was granted on Christmas morning. I spent the day charging it up and loading it with books. Also thanks to a friend for all her help and for loaning me a few of her books 🙂 In the last three days I’ve read George Saunders -Tenth of December, Rainbow Rowell- Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell- Attachments, Rainbow Rowell- Eleanor and Park, My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories, Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances, and I’ve started David Levithan’s Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. This is why the Kindle was the best worst idea ever 😀 I’ve literally done NOTHING but read for three days straight. I’ve tried to stop. I’ve tried to put it down and walk away… it just keeps calling my name. Pulling me back in. I think I might be addicted. I think I might need a book intervention. Speaking of… if I can ever stop reading long enough, I’ll have to put up posts for each of the books I just listed 😀


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