New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been really huge on New Year’s resolutions. For a few reasons. First of all I believe it’s never too early or too late to start becoming who you want to be. You don’t have to wait for a new year. Secondly, I see people set resolutions all the time and they feel so final. People can stick with it for two or three months and then they kind of melt away again. Lastly, because people always get so disappointed when they don’t stick with them. They set this huge list of things to change and then when they don’t, they feel awful. They don’t give themselves wiggle room. Example: I want to eat healthier. Then they go and eat a doughnut and feel like a huge, massive failure. Settle down, folks. It’s okay to eat “junk” in moderation. Your life isn’t over…

So I never buy into that whole “you have to have New Year’s resolutions” things. I am who I am. I accept this. There are things about me that could be better. But there are also things about me that aren’t going to change. Like the fact that I get way too wrapped up in books and waste away half my nights reading until 5 am. Even though I tend to regret it the next morning, I wouldn’t change that aspect about myself for anything. So instead of resolutions (which feel so final), I set goals. A map of short term goals that will eventually help lead me to my long term goals. I know that even if I don’t reach them this year, that’s okay. I’m flexible. Things don’t always go to plan. That’s life. I’m obviously not going to list out all my goals. Some are highly personal, but I do want to put a few of them out there.

First off, I want to quit smoking. I’m not giving myself an exact deadline. I just know within the next six months to a year I want to be done. This doesn’t mean I won’t quit by next month. Because I very well might. I want to leave it open because the habit is already tapering off. It’s feeling more like a burden than a release these days. So I know I’m close. I just don’t know how close.

I want to start taking some free online college courses. I don’t want to dive into my thoughts on the school system and why I, personally, chose to leave it. I do know that in order to make it in this world I need to have certain things. Whether I agree with it or not. I haven’t been in a class for about 7 to 8 years now and really don’t remember any of what I learned. I remember learning it, just not how to apply it. I figure if anything a few college courses can put me right back where I was and I’ll be ready. Plus I want to take a few courses that don’t pertain to what I need. Just for personal gain. Gotta have fun in there somewhere. Also open deadline on when I complete these courses because I want to go at my own pace.

I really want to focus on becoming more organized this year. I adore my Terramo and I’ve been tweaking it a bit lately. To fit more of what I need (it’s a constant thing for me, changing it up). The hope behind this is that I’ll finally fall into a schedule that works and allows me to optimize my time to the max. Obviously I don’t schedule my days down to the minute. I don’t even go hourly. Unless something is going on at a specific hour. I like to keep it mostly open and tick things off one by one starting with the most important tasks. (Here soon I will have an updated Terramo post. It’s been a long while).

With being more organized and finding my optimum time slots, I want to start focusing more on my WAH stuff. I have quite a few eggs in my basket and I would like to utilize them more. I have plenty of time during the day. It never feels like enough. I just need to sit down and draw up a plan of attack…and stick with it. I’ll have weekly goals to reach and I will be tracking my progress as I go (thank you, Terramo!)

This year on Goodreads I set myself a new reading challenge. I didn’t reach my goal of 100 books last year. There were a few months I had no way to get books into my hands so I fell behind (I think I only hit like 72 books) Which isn’t bad. Now that I have the Kindle and a seemingly never ending supply of books (well, places to find them and make them available to me…thank you to my good friend again! Seriously, lifesaver.) I bumped my goal up to 150. So far I’m pretty much on track. I actually think I might surpass that goal this year. I won’t be too sad or disappointed if I don’t even get close. Just because I adore reading and I’m reading books I want to be reading. There really is no loss on this one.

Other than that I have a few other goals like stop being so self absorbed all the time. I don’t always do this, but I do find myself doing it often enough. Focus more on being happy, obviously bad days happen (mood disorder doesn’t help) but I mean this more on the infertility front. I’ve been holding onto a lot of anger towards my body. That needs to stop. I actually read a book that kind of helps that a bit (Shauna Niequist- Cold Tangerines.) I’m not religious, but it’s got some great messages throughout. Loving your body is one of them (even though her issue is completely different than mine).

That’s about all I can think of currently. I just wanted to give a few from all different areas of my life. I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying to track my progress on here as I go. (I do plan to try and blog a bit more this year. I disappeared a lot last year. I would like to be a lot more consistent.)


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