Lets Play Catch…

Up. Get it? The title links with the post… I’m so clever. Okay, no, seriously. Before I can start sharing where I’m at right now, I have to fill you in on what has happened since I went missing. I’ve had a few posts here and there about it so this shouldn’t take too long.

Right. So for starters I’ve been with RE for a bit over two years now. We’re both about to be 27, we met when we were 14. Our parents worked together and became friends. They Romeo and Juliet-ed us. Not like in a warring families kind of way, but like a stay the heck away from each other kind of way. Teen dating drama or some weird shit like that. Anyways. We’ve stayed in touch over the years. He’s always been a great friend. We went through similar situations and that actually kind of brought us together. Our dating story cut short: He’s amazing. He and my father are the best of friends and it actually kind of makes me want to puke. In a that’s so cute and weird kind of way. Think Cory and Topanga… and Shawn… Wherein my father is Shawn…

Okay, now that we have that part established. We were engaged about 4 months after we started dating because we weren’t fucking strangers who had just met. We’ve known each other for something like 13 years now. He’s been my best friend since forever. Duh. Had it been some dude I had just met 4 month prior trying to ask me to marry his crazy ass, I’d have left him on the spot. Like whoa, bruh you don’t even KNOW me! Cool your jets, turbo. 2 years minimum to sign up for that kind of commitment from this girl.

Something like a week after he proposed (which was amazing by the way and totally true to who we are. He proposed penguin style, y’all. Like searched for the perfect pebble and all that. Melted my heart!) we bought a house together. Nothing fancy. Just a 2 bed, 2 bath. Semi gated community. I say semi gated because the side gates are always open and any old Joe could walk in at any time. So it wasn’t anything special. But they did have a no soliciting sign posted for the whole community and that’s a pretty big plus, folks!

I think we moved in like June 26th 2015 or around there. Sounds right to me… June 30th 2015 we finally realized my period was quite a bit late. We were so caught up in being engaged and BUYING our first house, it didn’t even dawn on us. So we, well I, took a test. All that jazz. Yea. Positive. A few days later and a lot of other positives, we’re pregnant. After 5 years and 1 month of trying. Just a bit over 5 weeks. Until we lost the pregnancy.

Cue my major depression. Which led to a lot of things happening. Like me leaving two jobs. One of which was by far the best and highest paying job I’ve ever had in my life and I fucking loved it. BUT the only lady in the office who was also of childbearing age decided to announce she was pregnant around my due date. So I lost my shit. I actually contemplated my ability to crawl out this itty bitty window in the break room. I’m certain I could have fucking octopused my way through had it come down to it. I had to sit at my desk for a full day pretending like I wasn’t crying. Yea. Game over. Couldn’t hack it. I will admit I was weak. I really couldn’t do it.

Then R was having issues at his work. Right. I don’t want to get too much into his stuff on here. But they gave him the option: Either be fired or walk away, which will look better on your resume. So he walked. With his head held high! Soooo… we had this brilliant idea to get an RV of some kind. We’d give everything back (the house, the car, everything) and we’d make our way across America, doing odd jobs off Craigslist to keep us going. Sounds fucking amazing right? Like who doesn’t wish they could that shit in their lifetime? Well… it’s not all that easy as it turns out. Like it actually requires a lot of planning. And supportive families. Neither of our families wanted us gone for anything more than a weekend 😀

So we didn’t do any of that. We grabbed a tent and an air mattress. Packed up what little of our house we actually cared about and left the rest behind. We stayed at his family’s for a bit. They had an unfinished shed/mancave type building that we stayed in for a few months. Until we couldn’t do that anymore. Around Nov. some crazy bullshit went down, resulted in me having to give my Abby girl to a new home. Because some people just can’t mind their own business. Even though everything was resolved in a way that worked for everyone. I don’t want to get into it. It still fucking pisses me off and breaks my heart. Anyways…

We currently live with my parents 🙂 Which works really well for us actually. And then… there’s always an “and then” isn’t there? My brother and his girlfriend moved in. Now that’s a topic I’m not even going to touch with a 10 foot pole. Not my life, not my business. But it does tend to make things a LOT more hectic. Like our once nice flow is all disrupted and chaotic. Which drives me pretty much bonkers. But it’s whatever. Life is life and life is beautiful. We just keep smiling. Which probably makes us look insane.

Maybe a tad bit longer than I had planned on, but I think that’s really about all you need to be caught up on. Oh just for anyone wondering, yes R is working again. Has been for quite some time now. He works from late afternoon to just after midnight, sometimes later. So my schedule matches his. He’s looking for a day job instead so we can both work. Two incomes are better than one! For now I do some at home type work that gets me a little bit of income here and there. Every little bit helps 🙂

With love, XOXO


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