It’s Only Forever

Hey y’all, I have news! We’ve been engaged for 2 years this month. Crazy, right. I know. What’s even crazier is that we’re getting married in 4 months. That’s like right around the corner. I don’t know if you know. The closer it gets, the faster time seems to go πŸ˜€ Neither of us are really big on planning a wedding. If it weren’t for our families, we wouldn’t even be having a wedding. Neither of us really cares about that part. We don’t want a wedding. We want a marriage. But…. our families really want to be there to witness this magical event. Fine. We’ll have a damn wedding. Which leads me to it’s four months away and we have 0 planned πŸ˜€ I KNOW!!! We know a few things and have some ideas. We don’t really want anything over the top. Just some light decor that will be DIY-ed. No bridal party. No groomsmen. None of that.

It’ll basically go like this: He walks down, I walk down, we exchanged vows and rings, we say I do, we kiss, we party. The whole “wedding” part of it all shouldn’t take any longer than like 10 minutes tops. If that. We came, we saw, we partied. Right. I really don’t want it to be this big deal, costing us thousands of dollars we don’t have. Like I really don’t care about this part. Decorations we’ll never use again. A dress I’ll never look at or wear again, it’ll probably end up in the back of my closet. Flowers that will die in a week. A cake that no one gives two shits about and definitely won’t be talking about. Weddings are just super pointless to me. It drives me nuts. So to heck with all that. There are no rules. We make our own πŸ˜€

It might not be the fanciest wedding in the world, but we’ll have one hell of a marriage. That’s the only part I actually care about. I don’t even care who shows up and who doesn’t. As long as I’m there and he’s there and we walk away married, I’m good! Y’all I kid you not when I say this, it’s probably a good thing my father doesn’t read my blog, but my fiance really is my best friend. Super cliche…. ugh, I know. But seriously πŸ˜€ This man. I love him. I’m almost afraid to talk him up because then all of y’all will fall in love too πŸ˜€ I’m such a liar. I’m going to have so many posts about him and us that it’s not even funny. You’ll be begging me to post about something different πŸ˜€ It’s okay readers, I still love all of you too πŸ™‚ Anywho… if anyone has any suggestions about super easy DIY wedding decor for a Goth Victorian/ Tim Burton style wedding, I’d appreciate it!

With love, XOXO


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