17 weeks 3 days

I went missing again, there hasn’t been much to update on. Still pregnant. Still tired. I thought the second trimester would bring some relief. In ways it has, but my energy levels are still screwy. I sleep so much. Not solid sleep, because I can’t get comfortable and then I have to pee… a lot… insomnia hits some nights. Nothing too horrible though. The all day nausea is finally over. My appetite is back up. Which is good. In 17 weeks I’ve gained about 10 pounds. My bump still isn’t really showing. I’ll add my 16 week bumpdate pic at the end of this post. My 12 week and 16 week appointments were fairly quick. Just a vitals check, questions and concerns, weigh in, urine sample, and! We finally got to hear the heartbeat! At our 8 week scan we got to see the heartbeat but not hear it. So I like that when we don’t do ultrasounds, we get to listen in with the doppler. Heartrate is down to a more normal number, we started in the 180s, now it’s in the 150s.

Our anatomy scan is coming up. November 14th 🙂 We really aren’t leaning one way or the other. Just excited to finally be here. Everyone has their own thoughts though. So far it’s a pretty fair split. I’m just ready to get another peek in on our baby 😀 I haven’t seen little 626 since 8 weeks! Other than that everything has been going well. Nothing out of the ordinary. No real concerns. Lots of stretching though. Parts of me I didn’t even know I had are stretching 😀 It’s not the most comfortable, but it also doesn’t really hurt. Overall this is a pretty boring update. Sorry about that…

We’ll be waiting to announce the sex until Thanksgiving. We figure it’ll be easier since both families will be together in one place then. Easier to tell them all at once. We’ll do a social media announcement later for out of state family and friends. Then I’ll probably zip over here the next day to let y’all know 🙂



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