Officially halfway tomorrow 🙂 Never imagined I’d be here, but here we are! On the 3rd we had a bit of a scare and went to the ER. I was having some really intense abdominal pain. Like the worst pain I’ve felt this entire pregnancy. I tried every suggestion to get it to stop and after 5 hours it just wasn’t letting up. So we made the choice to be seen. Which isn’t an easy one to make for a lot of reasons and then the what if it’s totally normal and I look like a dingus fear, but the panic was real. My heartrate was 150 by the time we got in there because I was just super freaking out that something was seriously wrong. Thankfully there weren’t many people there so I wasn’t taking space away from someone who really needed it. The triage nurse was amazing. He saw how upset I was and offered to try the Doppler to help calm me down. Thankfully babys heartrate was 144 and perfect. I cried my eyes out hearing it. Then I had to sit in the lobby all red eyed and puffy faced looking like a crazy lady. Once I got called back the doc did some poking around, which really didn’t feel good. Then he did a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and nothing was happening. He let me see our little bean flipping around and kicking which calmed me down a lot more. Pelvic exam, everything came back fine. He chalked it up to really intense round ligament pains. Which made me feel better but also a bit silly. Because it was something so simple and normal. The pains continued through the night, but were gone by morning. Since then they’ve come and gone but not nearly as intense as they were that day.

So thankfully baby and I are both totally 100% okay! I did find out that in addition to a uterus that’s tipped to the back (which should be straightened out by now) I also have an anterior placenta. Which just means it’s in the front and kind of cushions everything. Which bummed me out because I thought it would take forever to feel any kind of movement. I had been feeling some light flutters here and there but nothing too strong. This past week I’ve been feeling movement a lot more. Much stronger. My fiance and my ma were both able to feel it from the outside so that was pretty amazing 🙂 My fiance will lay there forever with his hand on my stomach just waiting. Then he excitedly tells me where he felt it. I cannot explain to you how much relief I feel when baby moves. Little “hey, I’m here and okay” movements. It’s a huge load of stress gone. I’m able to tell the difference in kicks, elbows, and flips now.

Here in about 4 more days we have our anatomy scan and I’m so ready to see our bean again! I’m not entirely like goo goo over finding out the sex of the baby so if we don’t get a good look, I’ll be alright. People keep asking me what I think it is, a baby…. no like what do you want it to be? Well I’ve waited so many years for this, I don’t really care as long as it’s healthy. Boy, girl, doesn’t matter to me. I’m trying to find a subtle way to announce at thanksgiving. Only reason we choose that day is the fact that we have a huge family and that’s the one time they’ll all be in the same place at the same time. Makes it easier to tell everyone at the same time. But I don’t want to make it this huge to do kind of thing. Like maybe a simple shirt or something. Everyone else is more excited about the sex than we are 😀

We have a few names picked but we haven’t told anyone. They aren’t really set in stone yet. We still have time! Haha baby is currently kicking the crap out of me as I lay here typing this 😀 Okay so for now, that’s about all I have. I’ll be back after our next appointment with more updates! Here’s a half way bump pic. Haha it’s still so small! I know it won’t stay that way, so I need to enjoy it while I can! 20171108_081442




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