Anatomy Scan!

Today I’m 20 weeks 4 days with our little rainbow baby! Which means it was time for our anatomy scan. Which unlike most make it sound, isn’t just a scan for the sex of the baby. They actually measure everything and look at all the organs. All the anatomy, head to toe. Some things were easy to know what they were, other things I had no idea. Like the kidneys. I couldn’t tell you those from anything else 😀 The ultrasound tech was awesome though and told us everything as she was looking. The heart chambers actually look pretty cool. So when all was said and done, baby is 100 percent totally healthy and on track. Not a single problem they could find. However, I do have to start taking 81 mgs of aspirin daily until about 36 weeks. My blood pressure likes to spike a bit sometimes. Nothing too major, just my systolic gets a tad higher than they like to see. It’s mostly a prevent a problem before there’s a problem measure. No biggie.

Now the news everyone has been waiting for. What is baby bean!?! I knew we wouldn’t be able to wait until Thanksgiving 😀 mostly me… I admit that. Turns out baby is definitely a girl! My fiance and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We really would have been happy either way, especially after everything we’ve been through. But now it’s like this once little blob on the screen is a little person. She looks like a person, she even already has a name! I won’t post it for privacy, but yea. She’s more and more real and developing into this incredible little person. I’ll never stop being amazed by her ❤


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