29 + 4

So, few things with this update. My laptop has been down and doing this from my phone is so incredibly frustrating! Also thought I would have more updates but it’s pretty much the same stuff on loop at this point 😀 I do have a few ideas for a few new blog posts so I’ll get those up here shortly.

For now this will do. I’m 29 weeks and 4 days! Holy crazy, right? This pregnancy has gone by so fast. My last few appointments have gone well. We did that awesome glucose test at my last one. Wow. Everyone says “oh it tastes like flat soda” yea… if you added a gallon of sugar to it. It was so sweet. Burned the back of my throat and made me drool 😀 My fiance laughed at me for drooling so much. It didn’t really upset my stomach, but it did get baby girl moving. She went nuts in there. I was overly nervous for the blood draw. I’m okay with needles and I’m okay with blood. Until it’s needles wanting my blood 😀 Honestly it was the fastest, easiest draw of my life. I didn’t even bruise! Last time I was bruised for 2 weeks. Whomever it was that did it this time, thank you! You are a freaking angel and I love you!

Passed my glucose test, no gestational diabetes. But I am anemic so yay iron pills. Nothing new. I’ve dealt with anemia before. I’ve been taking my aspirin in the morning and my iron at night. It’s working out pretty well and I already notice a huge difference. Because I was nervous about the blood draw, my blood pressure spiked a bit again. No other signs of preeclampsia and baby girl and I are hitting all the growth markers, but my OB still wants to do a growth scan. Which I won’t say no to! With my insurance I’m only supposed to have two scans (dating and anatomy) unless more are necessary. So I’m pretty thrilled we get a surprise third one. I always love peeking in on baby girl.

Speaking of, she’s been sooo active lately. I mean belly distorting active. All. The. Time. She even keeps me awake at night because I swear she thinks it’s dance party time 😀 She has also found my bladder and she LOVES rolling on it. At the worst times. Like when we go to a store without bathrooms haha. I swear I’m going to pee my pants some time within the next 10 1/2 weeks.

Anywho all is well and both of us are doing just fine. It’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy so far and I’m thankful for that. Not long now until she’s in our arms! My innie has also become an outie 😀



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