33 weeks!

Well folks, we’re approaching the end. Very, very quickly it feels like. Honestly it’s a little nerve wracking, but mostly exciting. This month is going to be our buckle down month. Now is the time to get the last of what we need, start setting everything up, washing all her things. The usual preparations. Pre-register at the hospital, get my I.D. card, take some classes. The works. All in all it should be a pretty busy month, that way next month we can just relax and enjoy each other before we become a family of 3.

We had our appointment on Monday at 32 weeks 3 days. My OB put in for a growth scan since I’m measuring behind a few weeks. Baby girl is measuring in the 28th percentile, which isn’t a concern at this point. However, her abdomen is measuring a bit smaller. What this means is we’ll have another growth scan at 36 weeks to see if she’s made any progress. If she hasn’t, we’ll discuss being induced a bit early. I guess if her abdomen stays small it could indicate that she likely won’t grow anymore in utero. My amniotic fluid is measuring perfect, my placenta is perfect, blood pressure was fantastic. No issues with me or her, aside from a slightly smaller abdomen.

Our ultrasound tech slipped in a few more 4D pictures for us, which was incredible! Oh my gosh! The difference between 20 weeks and 32 weeks is amazing. She looks so much more like a tiny person now. She’s got these chubby little cheeks and this adorable pouty face. R and I both agree she definitely has her daddy’s nose. Win for me, because I love his nose and was hoping she’d end up with it as well. It’s been 4 days since our appointment and I pretty much can’t stop staring at the images 😀 I am shamelessly in love with this beautiful little human that we’ve created.



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