Biting Me In The Ass Again

So… my blood pressure has been a bit of an issue since my teen years. In high school I was on propranolol to keep it in check. Then again as an adult, around probably 21, I was told again that unless I got it under control I’d be back on meds again. I kinda already figured it would be an issue during pregnancy. At I think it was 20 weeks I was put on 81 mgs of aspirin daily because it spiked twice. It wasn’t enough to be an issue just something precautionary.

Which leads us to my 34 week appointment. My blood pressure spiked again for the first time since 20 weeks. It hit 160/98. Now we get to go twice a week for non stress tests and once a week for amniotic fluid checks. This starts tomorrow. Every Monday and Thursday. My OB says for now shes not worried, she just wants to make sure it’s a one off kind of thing. If it stays trending up, we may have to induce earlier. She says ideally we’d like to keep her in until at least 37 weeks, but if things get too dangerous, we’ll take her earlier.

For now we’re treating it like she could be here next week. All the immediate basics have been bought, I’m getting pre-registered at the hospital, selecting a pediatrician, and washing all her clothes and blankets, getting a hospital bag ready to go, and installing the car seat. We want to be prepared for whatever is decided, whenever it’s decided. All I know for sure is these next few weeks are going to be super busy with twice weekly appointments. Fingers crossed we make it to at least 37 weeks!

Other than my blood pressure being an issue, everything else is actually going pretty well. I’ve gained the minimum 35 pounds they wanted me to! Which had me shocked. I started at 5 foot 9 and 114 pounds. Now I’m 149. I’m impressed. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to gain much at all and here I am, set to break my goal πŸ˜€ Baby girl is definitely doing alright. I tell her every time shes a super active baby. She pulled the Doppler out the other day to get a listen. As soon as she found her, she moved, she’d find her again, she’d move again πŸ˜€ Her heart rate is still perfect and she’s for sure moving around. A LOT.

Just taking one day at a time and relaxing as much as I can. Trying to keep that blood pressure down so baby girl can stay in a bit longer. I’ll probably have more updates. A lot of them. Especially with so many appointments now.


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