NST Updates

So my first NST was last Thursday. Baby girl was super active in the car on the way there, but as soon as they strapped me up she stopped 😀 Finally in the last 5 minutes she did what she was supposed to do so they got what they needed. My blood pressure was 130/80 so that wasn’t too alarming. All in all it was a very quick 30 minute visit.

Second NST was yesterday. Baby girl was WAY more active this go around. Very “reactive” which is a good thing. My blood pressure was 140/88. So a bit higher this time. Amniotic fluid check was great. Fluid levels are perfect. She’s head down with her spine on the left side and her feet on the right side. OB check was fairly quick. Did my group B swab, I’ll get the results at my next OB check. Opted out of having my cervix checked. It doesn’t feel like much of anything is happening down there other than baby being head down (hello pressure!) OB said if my blood pressure stays borderline, we’ll induce closer to 39 weeks. If it keeps getting higher, we’ll induce closer to 37 weeks. So we’re looking at about a week and a half to three weeks before baby girl is here!

Since I could be induced closer to the weekend after next, we’re really in the “gotta get it all done and ready” mode. Neither of us can believe that we’re so close to finally meeting our beautiful little girl. Everything is starting to become much more real now. We took a final just us trip this past weekend. We only went about an hour and a half away from home because I constantly have to pee and wouldn’t have made it on a longer trip 😀 We stopped by the casino on the way home and it ended up paying for our trip plus we walked away with extra! Heck yes to winning!

Our next appointment is on Thursday so we should know more about what the plans are then. Maybe. My OB definitely wants me to keep coming in twice a week. Either way, we may have a birth update sooner rather than later!

(PICS: being strapped up at my first NST, and baby girl yawning during the amniotic fluid check)


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