March 1st and 5th NSTs

I’m now 36 + 4 🙂 I’m so glad we finally made it to this point. Even better news, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to induce at 37 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed! My last two NSTs have gone about as well as they can. Miss E is always really active and passes with flying colors. My blood pressure has stayed borderline. Which means she’ll likely let me go to 39 weeks unless something changes before then. My weight has been bouncing between 151 and 153. They aren’t too concerned with the 2 pound difference though.

This Thursday we have another NST and a fluid check. OB wants to slip in another growth scan as well. Just to see if her abdomen has caught up or not. Her not growing would be another factor in being induced earlier than 39 weeks. All I know for sure is, it’s very short time until baby girl is here 🙂 I’m an odd mix of nerves and excitement. My very wonderful fiance is more excited than I am (but he doesn’t have to go through labor and birth :D)

He’s really been amazing through this whole pregnancy. From calming my mind to helping me with everything. Dealing with hormones and cravings. He works graveyard and we’ve been lucky enough to set our appointments for close to when he’s off. That way he doesn’t have to stay up forever, or go to sleep and then get up 4 hours later. Because of this he’s been to every single appointment this entire time. He wanted to be there and I wasn’t about to tell him he couldn’t be or shouldn’t be. He’s been involved in every single decision that’s been made. He constantly rubs my belly and talks to her. He’s got so many plans for the future. It’s freaking adorable. I love that man with all my heart.

I’ve seen him in every light you can see a person in, now I’m ready to see us as parents. It may have been a rough journey getting here, but man was it worth it.


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