Crazy News!

Today we got some news we weren’t expecting. I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow, still going to my twice weekly appointments. Everything has been going well. My blood pressure is staying lower but still borderline, fluid levels are great, baby girl is fantastic. Last week I experienced my first cervical check and holy shit… I love my OB but I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face more than I did right then.

So today we went in at 9. They were running behind. NST went as always. Everything is great.  I adore the lady who does them and I’m so freaking happy shes the lactation consultant! Waited in the lobby for a bit. Finally got called back to an exam room for our OB check. We ended up sitting there for a long while. They were still running a bit behind, which is okay. She wanted to do another cervical check and I wasn’t really in any kinda rush to make that happen 😀

She comes in, greetings are exchanged. She measures my fundal height and has me lay back for the cervical check. This time it didn’t hurt nearly half as bad as the first time. Still no progress, I’m still only about 1 cm. Even though I’ve been having tons of actual contractions and not Braxton hicks lately. Little discouraging to hear you aren’t making progress.

THEN she hits us with this bit… “I want you to come in on Sunday. We’ll start ripening your cervix and start pitocin Monday morning!” Wow. Um. Holy fucking shit. She says it’s because my blood pressure has been lower but still leaning towards hypertension and I’ll be over 39 weeks so she wants to get little miss out now. My fiance asked if she meant next Sunday, she said nope this Sunday… pretty sure his response was “holy shit!” And I just started bawling 😀 She said she didn’t mean to surprise me, no no it’s all good I’m just really excited!

So everything I’ve waited 7 years for, everything I’ve waited 9 months for, it’s all happening very very soon and I’ve been such an emotional mess since about 11:30 am. I cannot believe that here shortly we will finally have our gorgeous little rainbow here and in our arms!


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