Baby Girl Is Here!

Evelyn was born March 26th. 6 pounds 4 ounces and 18 inches of pure perfection!

I was actually surprised that labor went so quickly because one she’s my first, two I was induced, three because I ended up getting the epidural. So… here’s how it all went down.

We got there at 8 pm on the 25th. I was supposed to start with cervical softening but I was contracting enough on my own they started the pitocin. We tried to sleep as much as we could, which wasn’t much at all. The morning of the 26th my OB stopped by to check on me. She wasn’t happy they started with the pitocin because I hadn’t progressed at all. She stopped that and got me a cervical softening pill. 4 hours later she checked me and I was 2 cm and baby girl was at 0 station. She decided to break my water. This is where shit got real.

At first nothing much happened. Then I laughed at something my fiance said and thought I had pissed myself. But it kept coming. I mean loads of liquid. I was basically sitting in a lake. They swapped my pad and put a towel down over the new one. Just for it to happen again. I mean seriously, another good size puddle of liquid. Then the contractions hit. Hard and back to back from the freaking start. I was hating life. I had my fiance, mother, and 16 year old sister with me at this time. I was trying to play it cool and breathe through them so I didn’t scare my sister. That didn’t work out so well. I was crying, begging them to stop, vomiting, just hating life. My poor mother cried with me because she hated seeing me in so much pain. We decided to try laboring in the tub, but that didn’t help even slightly. I finally caved after 4 hours and asked for the epidural.

By this point I was 5 cm. The epidural guy was fucking magic. I cannot ever thank him enough, fucking god send. After that was placed, life was amazing. I couldn’t feel anything from the bottom of my ribs down, but I could still move my legs. An hour and a half later I was 10 cm and ready to push. This is when my fiances mother showed up. I’m so glad I had them with me though. About an hour of pushing later, my OB told me to grab my baby. I actually got to pull her out of me and instantly put her on my chest. Everyone started crying. She was so so so tiny and just absolutely perfect. She did come out face up and left me with a second degree tear. Worth every single stitch though.

She’s now a week and 1 day old. Hella chill, barely ever cries. Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday. She did drop down to 5 pounds 14 oz but 2 days later she was right back up to 6 pounds 3 oz. Hitting all her developmental marks and then some. We are beyond in love with her 🙂 20180327_104110


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