Biting Me In The Ass Again

So… my blood pressure has been a bit of an issue since my teen years. In high school I was on propranolol to keep it in check. Then again as an adult, around probably 21, I was told again that unless I got it under control I’d be back on meds again. I kinda already figured it would be an issue during pregnancy. At I think it was 20 weeks I was put on 81 mgs of aspirin daily because it spiked twice. It wasn’t enough to be an issue just something precautionary.

Which leads us to my 34 week appointment. My blood pressure spiked again for the first time since 20 weeks. It hit 160/98. Now we get to go twice a week for non stress tests and once a week for amniotic fluid checks. This starts tomorrow. Every Monday and Thursday. My OB says for now shes not worried, she just wants to make sure it’s a one off kind of thing. If it stays trending up, we may have to induce earlier. She says ideally we’d like to keep her in until at least 37 weeks, but if things get too dangerous, we’ll take her earlier.

For now we’re treating it like she could be here next week. All the immediate basics have been bought, I’m getting pre-registered at the hospital, selecting a pediatrician, and washing all her clothes and blankets, getting a hospital bag ready to go, and installing the car seat. We want to be prepared for whatever is decided, whenever it’s decided. All I know for sure is these next few weeks are going to be super busy with twice weekly appointments. Fingers crossed we make it to at least 37 weeks!

Other than my blood pressure being an issue, everything else is actually going pretty well. I’ve gained the minimum 35 pounds they wanted me to! Which had me shocked. I started at 5 foot 9 and 114 pounds. Now I’m 149. I’m impressed. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to gain much at all and here I am, set to break my goal 😀 Baby girl is definitely doing alright. I tell her every time shes a super active baby. She pulled the Doppler out the other day to get a listen. As soon as she found her, she moved, she’d find her again, she’d move again 😀 Her heart rate is still perfect and she’s for sure moving around. A LOT.

Just taking one day at a time and relaxing as much as I can. Trying to keep that blood pressure down so baby girl can stay in a bit longer. I’ll probably have more updates. A lot of them. Especially with so many appointments now.


33 weeks!

Well folks, we’re approaching the end. Very, very quickly it feels like. Honestly it’s a little nerve wracking, but mostly exciting. This month is going to be our buckle down month. Now is the time to get the last of what we need, start setting everything up, washing all her things. The usual preparations. Pre-register at the hospital, get my I.D. card, take some classes. The works. All in all it should be a pretty busy month, that way next month we can just relax and enjoy each other before we become a family of 3.

We had our appointment on Monday at 32 weeks 3 days. My OB put in for a growth scan since I’m measuring behind a few weeks. Baby girl is measuring in the 28th percentile, which isn’t a concern at this point. However, her abdomen is measuring a bit smaller. What this means is we’ll have another growth scan at 36 weeks to see if she’s made any progress. If she hasn’t, we’ll discuss being induced a bit early. I guess if her abdomen stays small it could indicate that she likely won’t grow anymore in utero. My amniotic fluid is measuring perfect, my placenta is perfect, blood pressure was fantastic. No issues with me or her, aside from a slightly smaller abdomen.

Our ultrasound tech slipped in a few more 4D pictures for us, which was incredible! Oh my gosh! The difference between 20 weeks and 32 weeks is amazing. She looks so much more like a tiny person now. She’s got these chubby little cheeks and this adorable pouty face. R and I both agree she definitely has her daddy’s nose. Win for me, because I love his nose and was hoping she’d end up with it as well. It’s been 4 days since our appointment and I pretty much can’t stop staring at the images 😀 I am shamelessly in love with this beautiful little human that we’ve created.


29 + 4

So, few things with this update. My laptop has been down and doing this from my phone is so incredibly frustrating! Also thought I would have more updates but it’s pretty much the same stuff on loop at this point 😀 I do have a few ideas for a few new blog posts so I’ll get those up here shortly.

For now this will do. I’m 29 weeks and 4 days! Holy crazy, right? This pregnancy has gone by so fast. My last few appointments have gone well. We did that awesome glucose test at my last one. Wow. Everyone says “oh it tastes like flat soda” yea… if you added a gallon of sugar to it. It was so sweet. Burned the back of my throat and made me drool 😀 My fiance laughed at me for drooling so much. It didn’t really upset my stomach, but it did get baby girl moving. She went nuts in there. I was overly nervous for the blood draw. I’m okay with needles and I’m okay with blood. Until it’s needles wanting my blood 😀 Honestly it was the fastest, easiest draw of my life. I didn’t even bruise! Last time I was bruised for 2 weeks. Whomever it was that did it this time, thank you! You are a freaking angel and I love you!

Passed my glucose test, no gestational diabetes. But I am anemic so yay iron pills. Nothing new. I’ve dealt with anemia before. I’ve been taking my aspirin in the morning and my iron at night. It’s working out pretty well and I already notice a huge difference. Because I was nervous about the blood draw, my blood pressure spiked a bit again. No other signs of preeclampsia and baby girl and I are hitting all the growth markers, but my OB still wants to do a growth scan. Which I won’t say no to! With my insurance I’m only supposed to have two scans (dating and anatomy) unless more are necessary. So I’m pretty thrilled we get a surprise third one. I always love peeking in on baby girl.

Speaking of, she’s been sooo active lately. I mean belly distorting active. All. The. Time. She even keeps me awake at night because I swear she thinks it’s dance party time 😀 She has also found my bladder and she LOVES rolling on it. At the worst times. Like when we go to a store without bathrooms haha. I swear I’m going to pee my pants some time within the next 10 1/2 weeks.

Anywho all is well and both of us are doing just fine. It’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy so far and I’m thankful for that. Not long now until she’s in our arms! My innie has also become an outie 😀


Anatomy Scan!

Today I’m 20 weeks 4 days with our little rainbow baby! Which means it was time for our anatomy scan. Which unlike most make it sound, isn’t just a scan for the sex of the baby. They actually measure everything and look at all the organs. All the anatomy, head to toe. Some things were easy to know what they were, other things I had no idea. Like the kidneys. I couldn’t tell you those from anything else 😀 The ultrasound tech was awesome though and told us everything as she was looking. The heart chambers actually look pretty cool. So when all was said and done, baby is 100 percent totally healthy and on track. Not a single problem they could find. However, I do have to start taking 81 mgs of aspirin daily until about 36 weeks. My blood pressure likes to spike a bit sometimes. Nothing too major, just my systolic gets a tad higher than they like to see. It’s mostly a prevent a problem before there’s a problem measure. No biggie.

Now the news everyone has been waiting for. What is baby bean!?! I knew we wouldn’t be able to wait until Thanksgiving 😀 mostly me… I admit that. Turns out baby is definitely a girl! My fiance and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We really would have been happy either way, especially after everything we’ve been through. But now it’s like this once little blob on the screen is a little person. She looks like a person, she even already has a name! I won’t post it for privacy, but yea. She’s more and more real and developing into this incredible little person. I’ll never stop being amazed by her ❤


Officially halfway tomorrow 🙂 Never imagined I’d be here, but here we are! On the 3rd we had a bit of a scare and went to the ER. I was having some really intense abdominal pain. Like the worst pain I’ve felt this entire pregnancy. I tried every suggestion to get it to stop and after 5 hours it just wasn’t letting up. So we made the choice to be seen. Which isn’t an easy one to make for a lot of reasons and then the what if it’s totally normal and I look like a dingus fear, but the panic was real. My heartrate was 150 by the time we got in there because I was just super freaking out that something was seriously wrong. Thankfully there weren’t many people there so I wasn’t taking space away from someone who really needed it. The triage nurse was amazing. He saw how upset I was and offered to try the Doppler to help calm me down. Thankfully babys heartrate was 144 and perfect. I cried my eyes out hearing it. Then I had to sit in the lobby all red eyed and puffy faced looking like a crazy lady. Once I got called back the doc did some poking around, which really didn’t feel good. Then he did a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and nothing was happening. He let me see our little bean flipping around and kicking which calmed me down a lot more. Pelvic exam, everything came back fine. He chalked it up to really intense round ligament pains. Which made me feel better but also a bit silly. Because it was something so simple and normal. The pains continued through the night, but were gone by morning. Since then they’ve come and gone but not nearly as intense as they were that day.

So thankfully baby and I are both totally 100% okay! I did find out that in addition to a uterus that’s tipped to the back (which should be straightened out by now) I also have an anterior placenta. Which just means it’s in the front and kind of cushions everything. Which bummed me out because I thought it would take forever to feel any kind of movement. I had been feeling some light flutters here and there but nothing too strong. This past week I’ve been feeling movement a lot more. Much stronger. My fiance and my ma were both able to feel it from the outside so that was pretty amazing 🙂 My fiance will lay there forever with his hand on my stomach just waiting. Then he excitedly tells me where he felt it. I cannot explain to you how much relief I feel when baby moves. Little “hey, I’m here and okay” movements. It’s a huge load of stress gone. I’m able to tell the difference in kicks, elbows, and flips now.

Here in about 4 more days we have our anatomy scan and I’m so ready to see our bean again! I’m not entirely like goo goo over finding out the sex of the baby so if we don’t get a good look, I’ll be alright. People keep asking me what I think it is, a baby…. no like what do you want it to be? Well I’ve waited so many years for this, I don’t really care as long as it’s healthy. Boy, girl, doesn’t matter to me. I’m trying to find a subtle way to announce at thanksgiving. Only reason we choose that day is the fact that we have a huge family and that’s the one time they’ll all be in the same place at the same time. Makes it easier to tell everyone at the same time. But I don’t want to make it this huge to do kind of thing. Like maybe a simple shirt or something. Everyone else is more excited about the sex than we are 😀

We have a few names picked but we haven’t told anyone. They aren’t really set in stone yet. We still have time! Haha baby is currently kicking the crap out of me as I lay here typing this 😀 Okay so for now, that’s about all I have. I’ll be back after our next appointment with more updates! Here’s a half way bump pic. Haha it’s still so small! I know it won’t stay that way, so I need to enjoy it while I can! 20171108_081442



17 weeks 3 days

I went missing again, there hasn’t been much to update on. Still pregnant. Still tired. I thought the second trimester would bring some relief. In ways it has, but my energy levels are still screwy. I sleep so much. Not solid sleep, because I can’t get comfortable and then I have to pee… a lot… insomnia hits some nights. Nothing too horrible though. The all day nausea is finally over. My appetite is back up. Which is good. In 17 weeks I’ve gained about 10 pounds. My bump still isn’t really showing. I’ll add my 16 week bumpdate pic at the end of this post. My 12 week and 16 week appointments were fairly quick. Just a vitals check, questions and concerns, weigh in, urine sample, and! We finally got to hear the heartbeat! At our 8 week scan we got to see the heartbeat but not hear it. So I like that when we don’t do ultrasounds, we get to listen in with the doppler. Heartrate is down to a more normal number, we started in the 180s, now it’s in the 150s.

Our anatomy scan is coming up. November 14th 🙂 We really aren’t leaning one way or the other. Just excited to finally be here. Everyone has their own thoughts though. So far it’s a pretty fair split. I’m just ready to get another peek in on our baby 😀 I haven’t seen little 626 since 8 weeks! Other than that everything has been going well. Nothing out of the ordinary. No real concerns. Lots of stretching though. Parts of me I didn’t even know I had are stretching 😀 It’s not the most comfortable, but it also doesn’t really hurt. Overall this is a pretty boring update. Sorry about that…

We’ll be waiting to announce the sex until Thanksgiving. We figure it’ll be easier since both families will be together in one place then. Easier to tell them all at once. We’ll do a social media announcement later for out of state family and friends. Then I’ll probably zip over here the next day to let y’all know 🙂


First Appointment

I have been a mess leading up to today. I won’t lie to you. I understand why they wait until 8 weeks, but still. It’s so hard to not worry about things when you don’t know how things are going. I had a hard time sleeping. It felt like I was 6 again and it was Christmas Eve 😀 Thankfully time flew by and it was time to go before I knew it. Traffic wasn’t bad at all on the way there. Thank goodness. Got there on time. Checked in. The receptionist said what I was hoping to hear. “Hold your pee until the ultrasound.” Oh yes, today will be a good day! After about 20 minutes they called my name. My mother, sister, and fiance went back with me. They tried an abdominal ultrasound, but it turns out my uterus is tilted to the back. I’ve had ultrasounds before and this has never been mentioned to me. We did get to see the flicker of the heartbeat. Yes… I cried my face off.

The tech had me pee and prepared me for a transvaginal ultrasound. This is where it gets good. Our baby instantly popped up on the screen. Little heart just beating away. Guys, it was the single most amazing thing I have experienced up until this point in my life. I totally lost it. I saw exactly what I had hoped to see. A happy healthy baby, where it should be, growing as it should be, with a really strong heartbeat. I cannot explain to you how much weight has been lifted off of me. Instant calm, instant relief. Our perfect little baby. Heart rate was 182. I’m about 8 weeks 3 days, my new due date is March 30th 2018. The doc said everything looks absolutely perfect. Exactly what she wanted and likes to see. The yolk sac is still present, this is totally normal and it will go away as the placenta takes over. Answered all of my questions and then some.

All in all today was incredible. Aside from having a bunch of stuff shoved up in me, tons of exams and tests, and a hefty blood draw 😀 That part wasn’t so fun. It’s hours later and I’m still feeling drained. It was just a big day mentally, emotionally, and physically. Totally worth it. We are beyond in live with our little love bug. Our next appointment is 4 weeks from now. I already can’t wait 🙂 20170821_22203220170821_222050