Baby Girl Is Here!

Evelyn was born March 26th at 9:13 pm. 6 pounds 4 ounces and 18 inches of pure perfection!

I was actually surprised that labor went so quickly because one she’s my first, two I was induced, three because I ended up getting the epidural. So… here’s how it all went down.

We got there at 8 pm on the 25th. I was supposed to start with cervical softening but I was contracting enough on my own they started the pitocin. We tried to sleep as much as we could, which wasn’t much at all. The morning of the 26th my OB stopped by to check on me. She wasn’t happy they started with the pitocin because I hadn’t progressed at all. She stopped that and got me a cervical softening pill. 4 hours later she checked me and I was 2 cm and baby girl was at 0 station. She decided to break my water. This is where shit got real.

At first nothing much happened. Then I laughed at something my fiance said and thought I had pissed myself. But it kept coming. I mean loads of liquid. I was basically sitting in a lake. They swapped my pad and put a towel down over the new one. Just for it to happen again. I mean seriously, another good size puddle of liquid. Then the contractions hit. Hard and back to back from the freaking start. I was hating life. I had my fiance, mother, and 16 year old sister with me at this time. I was trying to play it cool and breathe through them so I didn’t scare my sister. That didn’t work out so well. I was crying, begging them to stop, vomiting, just hating life. My poor mother cried with me because she hated seeing me in so much pain. We decided to try laboring in the tub, but that didn’t help even slightly. I finally caved after 4 hours and asked for the epidural.

By this point I was 5 cm. The epidural guy was fucking magic. I cannot ever thank him enough, fucking god send. After that was placed, life was amazing. I couldn’t feel anything from the bottom of my ribs down, but I could still move my legs. An hour and a half later I was 10 cm and ready to push. This is when my fiances mother showed up. I’m so glad I had them with me though. About an hour of pushing later, my OB told me to grab my baby. I actually got to pull her out of me and instantly put her on my chest. Everyone started crying. She was so so so tiny and just absolutely perfect. She did come out face up and left me with a second degree tear. Worth every single stitch though.

She’s now a week and 1 day old. Hella chill, barely ever cries. Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday. She did drop down to 5 pounds 14 oz but 2 days later she was right back up to 6 pounds 3 oz. Hitting all her developmental marks and then some. We are beyond in love with her 🙂 20180327_104110


Crazy News!

Today we got some news we weren’t expecting. I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow, still going to my twice weekly appointments. Everything has been going well. My blood pressure is staying lower but still borderline, fluid levels are great, baby girl is fantastic. Last week I experienced my first cervical check and holy shit… I love my OB but I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face more than I did right then.

So today we went in at 9. They were running behind. NST went as always. Everything is great.  I adore the lady who does them and I’m so freaking happy shes the lactation consultant! Waited in the lobby for a bit. Finally got called back to an exam room for our OB check. We ended up sitting there for a long while. They were still running a bit behind, which is okay. She wanted to do another cervical check and I wasn’t really in any kinda rush to make that happen 😀

She comes in, greetings are exchanged. She measures my fundal height and has me lay back for the cervical check. This time it didn’t hurt nearly half as bad as the first time. Still no progress, I’m still only about 1 cm. Even though I’ve been having tons of actual contractions and not Braxton hicks lately. Little discouraging to hear you aren’t making progress.

THEN she hits us with this bit… “I want you to come in on Sunday. We’ll start ripening your cervix and start pitocin Monday morning!” Wow. Um. Holy fucking shit. She says it’s because my blood pressure has been lower but still leaning towards hypertension and I’ll be over 39 weeks so she wants to get little miss out now. My fiance asked if she meant next Sunday, she said nope this Sunday… pretty sure his response was “holy shit!” And I just started bawling 😀 She said she didn’t mean to surprise me, no no it’s all good I’m just really excited!

So everything I’ve waited 7 years for, everything I’ve waited 9 months for, it’s all happening very very soon and I’ve been such an emotional mess since about 11:30 am. I cannot believe that here shortly we will finally have our gorgeous little rainbow here and in our arms!

March 1st and 5th NSTs

I’m now 36 + 4 🙂 I’m so glad we finally made it to this point. Even better news, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to induce at 37 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed! My last two NSTs have gone about as well as they can. Miss E is always really active and passes with flying colors. My blood pressure has stayed borderline. Which means she’ll likely let me go to 39 weeks unless something changes before then. My weight has been bouncing between 151 and 153. They aren’t too concerned with the 2 pound difference though.

This Thursday we have another NST and a fluid check. OB wants to slip in another growth scan as well. Just to see if her abdomen has caught up or not. Her not growing would be another factor in being induced earlier than 39 weeks. All I know for sure is, it’s very short time until baby girl is here 🙂 I’m an odd mix of nerves and excitement. My very wonderful fiance is more excited than I am (but he doesn’t have to go through labor and birth :D)

He’s really been amazing through this whole pregnancy. From calming my mind to helping me with everything. Dealing with hormones and cravings. He works graveyard and we’ve been lucky enough to set our appointments for close to when he’s off. That way he doesn’t have to stay up forever, or go to sleep and then get up 4 hours later. Because of this he’s been to every single appointment this entire time. He wanted to be there and I wasn’t about to tell him he couldn’t be or shouldn’t be. He’s been involved in every single decision that’s been made. He constantly rubs my belly and talks to her. He’s got so many plans for the future. It’s freaking adorable. I love that man with all my heart.

I’ve seen him in every light you can see a person in, now I’m ready to see us as parents. It may have been a rough journey getting here, but man was it worth it.

NST Updates

So my first NST was last Thursday. Baby girl was super active in the car on the way there, but as soon as they strapped me up she stopped 😀 Finally in the last 5 minutes she did what she was supposed to do so they got what they needed. My blood pressure was 130/80 so that wasn’t too alarming. All in all it was a very quick 30 minute visit.

Second NST was yesterday. Baby girl was WAY more active this go around. Very “reactive” which is a good thing. My blood pressure was 140/88. So a bit higher this time. Amniotic fluid check was great. Fluid levels are perfect. She’s head down with her spine on the left side and her feet on the right side. OB check was fairly quick. Did my group B swab, I’ll get the results at my next OB check. Opted out of having my cervix checked. It doesn’t feel like much of anything is happening down there other than baby being head down (hello pressure!) OB said if my blood pressure stays borderline, we’ll induce closer to 39 weeks. If it keeps getting higher, we’ll induce closer to 37 weeks. So we’re looking at about a week and a half to three weeks before baby girl is here!

Since I could be induced closer to the weekend after next, we’re really in the “gotta get it all done and ready” mode. Neither of us can believe that we’re so close to finally meeting our beautiful little girl. Everything is starting to become much more real now. We took a final just us trip this past weekend. We only went about an hour and a half away from home because I constantly have to pee and wouldn’t have made it on a longer trip 😀 We stopped by the casino on the way home and it ended up paying for our trip plus we walked away with extra! Heck yes to winning!

Our next appointment is on Thursday so we should know more about what the plans are then. Maybe. My OB definitely wants me to keep coming in twice a week. Either way, we may have a birth update sooner rather than later!

(PICS: being strapped up at my first NST, and baby girl yawning during the amniotic fluid check)

Biting Me In The Ass Again

So… my blood pressure has been a bit of an issue since my teen years. In high school I was on propranolol to keep it in check. Then again as an adult, around probably 21, I was told again that unless I got it under control I’d be back on meds again. I kinda already figured it would be an issue during pregnancy. At I think it was 20 weeks I was put on 81 mgs of aspirin daily because it spiked twice. It wasn’t enough to be an issue just something precautionary.

Which leads us to my 34 week appointment. My blood pressure spiked again for the first time since 20 weeks. It hit 160/98. Now we get to go twice a week for non stress tests and once a week for amniotic fluid checks. This starts tomorrow. Every Monday and Thursday. My OB says for now shes not worried, she just wants to make sure it’s a one off kind of thing. If it stays trending up, we may have to induce earlier. She says ideally we’d like to keep her in until at least 37 weeks, but if things get too dangerous, we’ll take her earlier.

For now we’re treating it like she could be here next week. All the immediate basics have been bought, I’m getting pre-registered at the hospital, selecting a pediatrician, and washing all her clothes and blankets, getting a hospital bag ready to go, and installing the car seat. We want to be prepared for whatever is decided, whenever it’s decided. All I know for sure is these next few weeks are going to be super busy with twice weekly appointments. Fingers crossed we make it to at least 37 weeks!

Other than my blood pressure being an issue, everything else is actually going pretty well. I’ve gained the minimum 35 pounds they wanted me to! Which had me shocked. I started at 5 foot 9 and 114 pounds. Now I’m 149. I’m impressed. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to gain much at all and here I am, set to break my goal 😀 Baby girl is definitely doing alright. I tell her every time shes a super active baby. She pulled the Doppler out the other day to get a listen. As soon as she found her, she moved, she’d find her again, she’d move again 😀 Her heart rate is still perfect and she’s for sure moving around. A LOT.

Just taking one day at a time and relaxing as much as I can. Trying to keep that blood pressure down so baby girl can stay in a bit longer. I’ll probably have more updates. A lot of them. Especially with so many appointments now.

33 weeks!

Well folks, we’re approaching the end. Very, very quickly it feels like. Honestly it’s a little nerve wracking, but mostly exciting. This month is going to be our buckle down month. Now is the time to get the last of what we need, start setting everything up, washing all her things. The usual preparations. Pre-register at the hospital, get my I.D. card, take some classes. The works. All in all it should be a pretty busy month, that way next month we can just relax and enjoy each other before we become a family of 3.

We had our appointment on Monday at 32 weeks 3 days. My OB put in for a growth scan since I’m measuring behind a few weeks. Baby girl is measuring in the 28th percentile, which isn’t a concern at this point. However, her abdomen is measuring a bit smaller. What this means is we’ll have another growth scan at 36 weeks to see if she’s made any progress. If she hasn’t, we’ll discuss being induced a bit early. I guess if her abdomen stays small it could indicate that she likely won’t grow anymore in utero. My amniotic fluid is measuring perfect, my placenta is perfect, blood pressure was fantastic. No issues with me or her, aside from a slightly smaller abdomen.

Our ultrasound tech slipped in a few more 4D pictures for us, which was incredible! Oh my gosh! The difference between 20 weeks and 32 weeks is amazing. She looks so much more like a tiny person now. She’s got these chubby little cheeks and this adorable pouty face. R and I both agree she definitely has her daddy’s nose. Win for me, because I love his nose and was hoping she’d end up with it as well. It’s been 4 days since our appointment and I pretty much can’t stop staring at the images 😀 I am shamelessly in love with this beautiful little human that we’ve created.


29 + 4

So, few things with this update. My laptop has been down and doing this from my phone is so incredibly frustrating! Also thought I would have more updates but it’s pretty much the same stuff on loop at this point 😀 I do have a few ideas for a few new blog posts so I’ll get those up here shortly.

For now this will do. I’m 29 weeks and 4 days! Holy crazy, right? This pregnancy has gone by so fast. My last few appointments have gone well. We did that awesome glucose test at my last one. Wow. Everyone says “oh it tastes like flat soda” yea… if you added a gallon of sugar to it. It was so sweet. Burned the back of my throat and made me drool 😀 My fiance laughed at me for drooling so much. It didn’t really upset my stomach, but it did get baby girl moving. She went nuts in there. I was overly nervous for the blood draw. I’m okay with needles and I’m okay with blood. Until it’s needles wanting my blood 😀 Honestly it was the fastest, easiest draw of my life. I didn’t even bruise! Last time I was bruised for 2 weeks. Whomever it was that did it this time, thank you! You are a freaking angel and I love you!

Passed my glucose test, no gestational diabetes. But I am anemic so yay iron pills. Nothing new. I’ve dealt with anemia before. I’ve been taking my aspirin in the morning and my iron at night. It’s working out pretty well and I already notice a huge difference. Because I was nervous about the blood draw, my blood pressure spiked a bit again. No other signs of preeclampsia and baby girl and I are hitting all the growth markers, but my OB still wants to do a growth scan. Which I won’t say no to! With my insurance I’m only supposed to have two scans (dating and anatomy) unless more are necessary. So I’m pretty thrilled we get a surprise third one. I always love peeking in on baby girl.

Speaking of, she’s been sooo active lately. I mean belly distorting active. All. The. Time. She even keeps me awake at night because I swear she thinks it’s dance party time 😀 She has also found my bladder and she LOVES rolling on it. At the worst times. Like when we go to a store without bathrooms haha. I swear I’m going to pee my pants some time within the next 10 1/2 weeks.

Anywho all is well and both of us are doing just fine. It’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy so far and I’m thankful for that. Not long now until she’s in our arms! My innie has also become an outie 😀